Create the conditions for your company's success

 What condition are your conditions in?

The better you are at creating the conditions for success, the better your chance of achieving it.

Ideas are your starting point. 

People make them happen. 

Structure gets them done. 

Stories give them life.

Project, Retainer and Workshop engagements for companies starting-up, growing or driving toward a profitable exit. Strategy and business consulting designed to fit what you need today.

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About Morry

It should be comforting to know...


...that the person you're entrusting to create the conditions for your company’s success started off writing comedy.

It led to becoming an ad agency Creative Director. Inadvertently that opened the door to Chief Operating Officer of a tech start-up. We grew it 10 times over only to go boom at the dot.bomb. Now I was a battle-proven Management Consultant for big corporations. As well as for dreamers looking to turn their innovative ideas into real businesses. It was a short jump from there to President of a Private Equity group. Then higher stakes consulting gigs came my way. Along with roles as Country President for a global digital firm and COO of an early stage tech company.

I continue working with companies starting-up, growing or driving toward a profitable exit. I get in the trenches with them to create the conditions to successfully launch and mature businesses, develop new products, introduce new revenue streams, increase sales, improve operations, establish brands, secure investment and keep passion fired up. Which brings me back to my beginnings. Know your audience. I look forward to hearing about what condition your conditions are in.