In their own words...the impact of strategic planning

Stephen Southin, Co-CEO, Discovery Loft

7 years ago I arrived in Toronto as a newcomer entrepreneur and one of the first people I came to appreciate for the value they offered me was Morry. Morry has such a intensive background in not only his marketing and how to present ideas so they resonate, he also possesses years of experience in how to connect with the right people at the right time to truly help create the right environment for success. I’ll alway cherish my time I get with Morry! 


Graham Line, CEO, Digital Data Solutions

Morry is a rare blend of a strategic visionary leader that is matched by a focused driven results based tactical mind. I had the pleasure of working for and alongside Morry. Approachable and calm in any circumstance; Morry captained our expanding organization to continued success through a series of difficult growth spurts. His high standards, integrity and firm moral compass are surely to be of extraordinary value for any organization that wants to succeed. I would strongly recommend Morry; and am anxious to work together with him in the future. He is a great leader; and equally has become a great friend.


Neal Tricarico, Senior Business Strategist, Anthony Robins Companies

Morry is a tremendous leader whose balance of connection, collaboration and a successful business track record creates the most meaningful results for his teams and the business. He is adept at building teams and understanding how to get the people, personalities and skills sets to come together to drive the sought after outcomes. Morry's personality and demeanor set him apart and are a welcomed breath of fresh air. I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with Morry and highly recommend him if you are seeking to grow your business in the most meaningful and connected way.


Kenny Albert, President, Kilmer Enterprises Inc.

The first time I worked with Morry was, and this is a bit frightening to say, 1988. What struck me back then and continues to this day, is Morry’s unique perspective on strategy. Marketing strategy. Business strategy. It doesn’t matter because whatever he works on, he peels back many, many layers to find the real nuggets that make all the difference to a successful outcome. I would definitely recommend Morry to any company that is stuck, or wants to take their business to the next level.


Dennis Pitselis, CEO & Founder, Zone Marketing Group

I recommend engaging Morry Patoka to help you understand how to improve your business now and to put in place the building blocks for meaningful growth. Years ago, Morry hired me as an Account Manager at a tech company creating very sophisticated CRM programs. During my time there I learned three important things - how to create and deliver complex strategic solutions, how to deliver measurable results and how to build a company’s culture. Years later, I was excited to engage Morry’s services to lead my own company in a strategic planning exercise that helped us differentiate our offering and to grow our business. It was so vital to our future that we continued to work with Morry on a regular basis. He helped us to improve operationally, strategically and financially and as a result, we were listed as one of Canada's Top 50 New Growth Companies in PROFIT Magazine.


Robert Beckerman, CEO, Raybec Communications

Morry Patoka was my first full time employee at RMR and very quickly helped me to grow our little business into a significant CRM player serving Fortune 500 clients in Canada and the U.S. As fast as I could sell new programs, Morry as Chief Operating Officer, would be there to ensure they were on strategy and well executed. More importantly, he would take each opportunity to establish better policies and procedures so that we could leverage the learning for the next client with greater efficiency and profitability. Morry always felt anything was possible, and he always delivered. I continue to value his strategic advice and wealth of business experience. I am happy to recommend Morry to companies wishing to grow their business to the next level and beyond.


Paul Alexander, Celebrity-Portrait-Advertising-Lifestyle Photographer

In my business of image and brand management, I’ve had the privilege of working with many incredible people and clients all over the world. From CEO’s and politicians to Hollywood celebrities. Morry stands out as one of those rare people who really and truly appreciates talent.
He gave me lots of rope to bring his ideas to life, and reined us in just enough to make sure we were fully on strategy. He gets it. So much so that he recognized opportunities to help us grow our business and generously used his skills to map out a game plan that we put into action. I absolutely recommend Morry whether you’re a global corporation or a small company. He will open your eyes and point you in the right direction. I think of Morry as a business therapist. He gives you the tools you already have .. or lets you know the ones to get. 


Bob Doherty, Head of Strategic Relationships, Nano Tech Construction

Finding the right leader for any business is a critical decision that requires diligence and, to a degree, faith. Morry consistently proved to be a savvy marketing and operations decision maker that helped grow our business model. Key decisions that ultimately improve performance while inspiring a collaborative culture committed to the development and execution of innovative thinking comes very natural to Morry. I would highly recommend Morry for any size of company that needs a fresh set of eyes to evaluate and then implement strategic direction.


Mark Drescel, Sr. VP Organizational Excellence & Community Engagement, Bird Construction

I am pleased to recommend Morry as a highly creative and insightful strategist adept at quickly gaining understanding of complex organizational challenges. Personable and engaging, he was able to shine a light into some dark corners while effectively managing anxiety levels and issues of territorialism. Morry did an exceptional job leading a disparate team of individuals with diverse views and agendas, bringing them to a more thoughtful, strategic perspective.


Gary Heatherington, Vice-Chair, CFSB Bank; Chairman, KH2; Industry Partner, Brook Venture Partners and Venture Capital Fund of New England

Morry challenges the status quo in your mind. Through questions, discussion, analysis and insightful research, Morry reveals hidden truth and actionable profit opportunities.
If you want the same old thing, hire someone else. If you want innovation and success, hire Morry.