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Business Management

STRATEGIC PLANNING. More than working on paper, strategy that works in action.

Business plan and financial model • Product and pricing strategy • Growth plans

Create, adjust or recalibrate your plan to grow the business, increase sales, improve operations, develop new products, introduce revenue streams, and make sure finances are solid. 

LEADERSHIP & MGT. Establish the structure to make smart decisions that achieve your vision.

Organizational plan and decision matrix • KPIs and reporting plan • Confidential discussion of options and implications

Give the people working for you what they need to make good decisions every day. Equip yourself with insights to make the critical decisions that steer your company to success.

BUSINESS OPERATIONS. How you get things done distinguishes your company and defines your culture.

Operational structure • Product roadmap and development plan • Implementation guidance and oversight

Do what it takes be successful, in a way that brings everyone together to deliver the forecast, enhance productivity and fulfill your vision.  

Sales and Marketing

MARKETING PLAN. Marketing that facilitates your sales process.

Brand Promise • Marketing strategy and plan • Marketing and Sales KPIs

Craft a marketing plan and tactical strategy that delivers what sales needs to fill their pipeline, convert and retain customers.

SALES PROCESSES. Sell the way your customers want to buy.

Sales model and metrics • KPIs and compensation plans • Sales materials, presentations and pitches

Build a sales machine that leverages “hot-off-the-street” insights and aligns the actions of every department to enhance sales results. 

SERVICE APPROACH. The partnership between your people and customers.

Customer service operational plan • KPIs and compensation plans • Customer relationship difference makers

Value your people as you do your customers. Give each person in every department the tools they need to solve problems and build enduring customer relationships. 


ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Re-ignite the thrill of working on the business.

Management team and process structure • Market problem analysis • Opportunity review and prioritization

Implement the strategies and structure that give you more quality time to do what you do best. Use your brainpower to improve, explore and dream about what’s next for your business. 

GROWTH HACKING. Always be experimenting. It’s the way we do things around here

Experimentation process and evaluation • Financial model • Internal marketing plan 

Test new products, strategies and ideas as part of how you do things at your company. Balance low-cost risk with the upside of incremental growth and discovering the next big thing.


CAPITAL AND FINANCING. Tell the story to capital sources that fit your values.

Funding strategy • Investor proposal and business model • Pitch and presentation

Make strategic decisions as to which funding sources to pursue and what money to accept. Build your plan and forecast so both words and numbers resonate with the right partners. 

START-UP COACHING. Give yourself the benefit of exploration and experience.

Scheduled planning and coaching sessions • On-demand strategic guidance and decision support • Prioritizing how money gets spent

Talk openly, explore options, consider implications, and do it without inciting panic from employees and partners.